With operations in Europe, North America and Asia, Tri Star Group owns facilities of over two million ft2 and has approximately 2,500 employees worldwide. A strong research and development team of over 150 staff members including project managers, researchers and engineers provides quality service year after year. The Group’s headquarter is located in Shanghai and its manufacturing and service facilities are strategically located globally including DTMT (Deutsche Mechatronics GmbH) in Mechernich, Germany; Format in Hessisch-Lichtenau which is near Kassel, Germany; Krauth technology in Eberbach, Germany; Almex in Hannover, Germany; Metric in Swindon, UK and a high volume production facility at our Nantong plant, near Shanghai, China.

The Group has developed into a global leading manufacturer of high security UL- and CEN-certified products. This product portfolio covers ATM safes, banking safes, commercial safes, and cash handling systems. The Group also designs and manufactures intelligent terminals including Ticketing and Vending Machines (“TVM”) and parking machines.

In recognition of its outstanding capabilities, the company was listed in the "200 Best Companies under US$ 1 Billion" by Forbes Magazine in 2008 and is a member of ECB.S (European Certification Board Security, Fire & Life Safety).

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